Fundamentals for becoming a successful entrepreneur

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As an entrepreneur, it is very important that you embrace the startup process. Not just the end goal. The end goal is the profit and fame, but the sustainability of the entrepreneurship will depend on how you embraced the startup process.

Let's look at the fundamentals of becoming a successful entrepreneur from Pedro Mouta's (management consultant BuildYourDreamCompany ) point of view.

• You need a PURPOSE
 An entrepreneur, by default, is someone who thinks differently. He/she must, otherwise, he/she would simply prefer to stay where everyone else is: (in the comfort zone). Entrepreneurs think differently because they do NOT accept what the whole society says about them. They question the things.

And the only consequence of the interrogation makes the entrepreneur believe that he/she may be able to have a whole new level of impact at a given moment, which is really important for him/her. Although this is not the case for everyone, it can be said that most entrepreneurs feel they are on a mission.

We may not know exactly where we are going and how to get there, but we feel we are constantly on a mission. That's the kind of goal we are talking about. Entrepreneurs don't just embrace existing ideas.

Honestly, there are a million different descriptions of what it means to be a leader. Here is a simplified analogy of what being a leader looks like: you are a leader when you wear a red hat and people who also like to wear red hats start to follow you. It's so simple.

Every entrepreneur must be a leader. not in the future, but currently. Nobody starts something new, something different, nobody puts their time, effort and money into something that revolutionizes the way society thinks, without being a leader.

Leadership begins with the first followers: the partners. Then, it moves to employees, and at a certain point, to all customers. Leadership is such a powerful thing that the very first customer of a given product will feel like part of a family, even if they have no idea who is running the business.

Finally, you need these 10 psychological traits that make a great entrepreneur.

1. Determination
The ability to put your mind in one thing and not let go until you end up doing it. Day after day, no matter how hard, how strenuous and how many times you fall, you should continue to move forward.

2. Character
 The character is a personal trait that is not commonly addressed in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. First, character means the ability to have integrity and make decisions that consistently add value to customers, employees, society, and so on. Second, it means having the courage to do the right thing and not trying a to find cheap ways around those things. And thirdly, the reason it counts is that entrepreneurship is a marathon and a subject to take the right steps every day.

3. Flexibility
Another salient trait is flexibility or agility: the ability to adapt to circumstances. As you may know, creating and running a strong business brings new and different challenges every day. And when we say challenges, its means challenges such as "if this machine does not work right now, we will not be able to sell today, and that may affect our ability to pay wages this month." We're talking about living in peace with the idea of continuous transformation and adjustment and never settle in the comfort zone.

4. Discipline
Because it essentially summarizes many of the most important traits that any entrepreneur must have. When you notice, from the moment you go to bed, to your morning schedules, to the type of food you eat, to the type of relationship you have, all of these options are discipline. Without discipline, we are souls who have nothing to do. An entrepreneur is someone who, like everyone, wants to do what is easy, but he continues to say NO to his own way of thinking. He/she continues to advance even when the whole society thinks he is crazy or has already done enough. If there is one thing you need to remember from this checklist, it is the need for discipline.

5. Strategic thinking
Here, we essentially separate successful entrepreneurs from those who fail to be so successful. Thinking strategically is essential to arrive at a unique point in FOCUS that stimulates the entire growth of the business. And thinking strategically is essential to being able to say NO to anything that is not aligned with the basic FOCUS.

6. Positive perception of life
Being constantly geared towards opportunities instead of focusing on loss and frustration is one of the things that distinguishes successful people from those who feel they are never "lucky." Luck is the result of exposure to opportunities. If you expose yourself to opportunities, then you are ready to be "lucky".

7. Humility
Life will bring you many setbacks and you will be wronged many times because it is the only way to grow as a human being. And the way you become a better entrepreneur and a better leader is through the lessons that you are failing. And you can not learn from your mistakes if you are not humble. In fact, you can not learn at all.

8. Resilience
Another point that tends to be confused with determination is resilience. And here we are not talking about setting a goal and not giving up until you reach it. Nope. Here we talk about robustness to rejection, failure, and unexpected setbacks.

While most people will give up easily because things are not as easy and smooth as they thought, a contractor will be cold, premeditated and solid in the face of rejection. He will understand that besides failure, this is just a test. And the result of the many tests he passes in life has nothing to do with the ultimate goal towards which he is oriented.

9. Salesmanship skills
In the end, there is no big secret to learning to sell and negotiate, you have to do it in practice; the more you sell and/or trade, the better you will earn. Do not put too much pressure on your shoulders if you think you're not good at selling. You can learn more about how to be a better salesperson here.

10. Personal drive
Finally, the internal drive. Also known as the locus of internal control. An entrepreneur is by nature a person who assumes all responsibility for everything that goes on in his life. There is no excuse if something does not work as expected, it's your fault and no one else.

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