Get premium crypto trading signals with CoinFi token

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At present, there is no dominant market intelligence platform for crypto-traders like Bloomberg or Thomson Reuters in equities - CoinFi will provide such a platform.

CoinFi is a decentralized market intelligence platform for the next generation of crypto investors and traders. They use a variety of techniques to provide investors and traders with the information they need to gain an advantage. These techniques include the search for internal and external analysts, commercial signals and algorithms. The techniques also cover specific cryptocurrencies as well as the general crypto trading industry.

The CoinFi token (COFI) will be an ERC-20 compatible token built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, defined by an open-source smart contract, and used for transactions on the CoinFi platform.

How the CoinFi token works

To summarise, they are building a market intelligence platform for Crypto traders to help them make smarter and better decisions when trading (The Bloomberg of Crypto). The CoinFi token works as a utility token.

The idea is that they will crowdsource:

1. Relevant market moving news so that traders only get the best stuff
2. trading signals
3. trading algorithms.

The providers of the aforementioned will be paid with CoinFi. Users will need to stake CoinFI token to get access to the platform and premium content is going to be auctioned and paid using CoinFi. The coinfi team will seed the platform with content / signals first but the idea is the token network effect will take over once user demand increases. I.e. the basic premise content is crowdsourced, they pay $X CoinFi, users pay $Y CoinFi for premium access. As long as $Y > $X demand will increase over the long term.

Please read more about the project and the ICO on CoinFi website
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