How To Start A Career In Real Estate Investment

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Having a career in real estate investment is a wise thing to do, especially for young persons starting from the age of 18 – 35. Suppose you have enough capital of about $500,000 to start with, and you wish to grow richer as time passes without having to worry much on possible setbacks or business failure, then real estate business is the sure investment plan that will always yield a positive return on investment as long as you maintain its value.

As a young adult, you have the money, and you have enough years to wait. So, I suggest pursuing a career in real estate: the real estate investor to be more specific. Invest in real estate. Buy two or three properties, rent them for a few years and when the value doubles, sell them!

Here are the main reasons why investing in real estate is a good idea:

 Cash flow in real estate is more stable than any other activity. This can help you get through bad times and live well during good times.

In terms of tax benefits, the government rewards rental owners. A person who earns $ 100,000 through rental properties may keep more than the person who earns the same amount through another business.

 While you are renting a property, value goes higher and higher. So when you think the right has come, sell it.

Investing in real estate means that you are responsible for success or failure. Do you want a better deal? Go around to find it. The market becomes more competitive? compensate by increasing advertising. Is the value down? improve the property to recover the value.

However, before choosing real estate investment as a career, learn how to find deals and how to find the desired properties. It's the only way to become a millionaire with your $500,000

How to find the best properties to invest in

You should know that real estate isn’t about buying buildings or structures alone, buying and reselling of land is also part of real estate business. So how do you determine which property is best and will yield profit quickly?

1.    Make sure the area you are buying the property from is a growing area which will most like multiply in occupant within the next few years.

2.    Make sure the area isn’t very far from a marketplace or a metropolitan

3.    Assess the legal proceedings very well and ensure you are buying from the real owner of the property

4.    If you are buying a land as property, it is advisable to buy it during the raining season so as to be sure that the land isn’t a marshy land

5.    Once you have acquired the property, don’t rush to sell it, buy and hold for a while or lease it out.


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