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Most business owners are usually faced with the puzzle of how to attract customers effectively especially when it has to do with online marketing. Entrepreneurship shouldn't be marked by stress and overwork, with the right business marketing strategy, you will be able to attract as many customers as you want. What is standing between you and you numerous customers is your marketing approach.

In principle, you can theoretically have the perfect steps for sales funnels, but if you do not focus on the customer's problem at every step, the funnel will fail. Therefore, you must follow the frame known as the approach to the problem:

1. Deeply understand the problem you are solving and how your product eliminates this problem for your customers.

In order to understand a problem, you must understand the person with this problem.

Based on experience, empathy is the best way to do it. We are all equipped with the incredible ability to feel what others feel. By developing this capacity, we can more easily influence others.

you can develop empathy for clients by first observing what they are actually doing in the real world rather than what you think they are doing. Look at the analysis of what they respond to and do not respond to in the sales process.

Research shows that when we actively imagine how others may feel in a situation, our empathy increases.
Key point: Do not sell products. Know your customer's problems using empathy. Then sell solutions to these problems.

2. Find people who want an immediate solution to their problem.

Use the two most popular online marketing platforms "Facebook and Twitter advertising" to target potential customers just when they're looking for solutions to their problem.

On these platforms, you should specifically target people by their problems via the pages they follow and show their interest. If someone follows a niche expert who is known to solve a specific problem, it is likely that they themselves have this problem. On the other hand, if they follow a popular artiste, they could have any problem. You can learn more about the strategies for a successful Facebook ads campaign here

Key point: Target your customers based on the solution you have for their problems.

3. Build 100% of your communication around the problem of the customers.

Demonstrate your deep understanding of the customer's problem through your advertising and landing page. You must describe the problem in a rich and powerful way that allows them to create a mental picture of how helpful the solution is.

Now, imagine a complete stranger approaching you and begin to describe your exact pain just as you are feeling it. He describes it better than you could. Then he gives you an idea to try.

Would you trust this person's advice?

I bet you would, only because he showed you that he understood your problem. You wonder, "Does this man read my thoughts?"

People care less about catchy titles than solutions to their problems. If you prove to people that you understand their problem, they will automatically assume that you are capable of solving it.

Key point: keep them in suspense, show! Don't tell

4. Offer a limited free content that demonstrates that you have the solution to their problem.

Give as much of the solution as you can in a single blog article, video, white paper or webinar. High-quality free content will allow you to have more contacts and establish a deeper level of trust with them.

Do not be afraid to give your best stuff. Here's why:

There is a huge difference between information and transformation. Even if a solution is presented in detail, your customers will still request for a test so as for them to be able to show trust in what you are selling to them.

5. Show them how to get the solution to solve the problem.

At the end of the webinar, invite them to have a one-on-one phone call if they feel that working together is a good fit. Remember, all of these procedures are based on online business marketing, you should make your methods of communication and payment to be as easy as possible. Some buyers get discouraged by the methods of payment especially if such method isn't allowed in their country or state.

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  1. These tips are so helpful to be honest. The trend now is actually on digital delivery system. I hope I can use these tips.

  2. Very useful tips and tricks to help customers solve their problems. The sooner you succeed in comprehending the problem your customers face, the higher is the chance of your success. Thanks for sharing this content.

  3. Wao, very honest and useful tips for every online business marketers.

  4. Nice tips. Following these power aid is crucial for a must succeed info marketer, helping help them identify targeted customers and matching their products appropriately before them generating sales. Creating inline of products is also a way getting more customers, especially if the products solve problems as you righly said, more referrals will be generated.


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