Why You Should Invest In Neo Cryptocurrency Today

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To invest in NEO cryptocurrency could be a wise investment option considering these facts that neo has found its way through the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world, it has a market capitalization of $1,925,066,000, costs less than $30 as at the time of this post, and is ultimately owned by China. It's no longer a news that China controls a larger portion of the crypto market, and they will one way or the order make their own domestic asset to fit in the top crypto space.

For those of you who do not know the space of cryptocurrency, China issued a ban on the initial offers of coins (ICO) last month. In the coming weeks, China will hold a congressional meeting to regulate cryptocurrencies and relax their sanctions.

After this event, it is expected that Chinese cryptocurrency, such as NEO, WTC, GAS, VEN, etc., will start to appreciate significantly. Coupled with the BTC fork in the coming days, more money will be poured into altcoins, leading to higher prices, which was seen shortly after the BTC Cash range in August.

As Bittrex and GDAX remain popular exchanges, a personal favorite is Kucoin Exchange which claims the cheapest transaction fees of all exchanges (0.02%). It also has many Chinese cryptocurrencies that adopt an exciting technology, such as the global RFID blockchain for applications in supply chain management, and ERC20-like parts from Chinese ethylene, NEO.

Historically, the Chinese government have issued bans on platforms like (Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.) in their own country to buy time to issue regulatory legislation that will give way for their own domestic market. This legislation has led to the growth of many Chinese counterparts on the Internet, such as Alibaba. Like the stock market or foreign options, fluctuations of price within the cryptocurrency space are often linked to geopolitical stability and legislation.
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