How To Withdraw Bitcoin Earnings with Openbitcard Visa / Mastercard

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WHAT IS Openbitcard?

Openbitcard is just like your normal Atm card that you use to withdraw money ( earnings ) from the Atm machine. The difference between the openbitcard and your normal bank atm card is that; with the openbitcard, you will be able to convert your bitcoin and cryptocurrencies into cash quickly. Thereby eliminating exchangers and their commission charges.

HOW DOES THE OPenbitcard work?

The OpenBitCard MasterCard / Visa card is a global payment solution that allows you to spend or withdraw any of the top ten cryptocurrencies, which means you do not need any exchanger to convert your bitcoin to cash, you will deposit any of the first ten digital currencies directly on the card via your OpenBitCard MasterCard / Visa account!

After the Registration, you will be able to access to the MasterCard / OpenBitCard account by using the details of the card that will be sent to your mail with your card! As soon as you get the card, sign in to your OpenBitCard account go to settings, enter your card number and PIN!
Note: you should change your PIN code as soon as you enter your card account for the first time before making transactions and never share your PIN or card information with anyone!

Basically, they have two types of cards, select correctly! Platinum Visa / MasterCard This allows UNLIMITED  withdrawals and deposit (in other words, you can deposit as much as you want, and the withdrawal as much as you want), the ATM will have a limit, so you are advised to use as much other different vending machines as possible to get the amount you want to withdraw.

Classic Master / Visa card, this is limited to $ 2500 withdrawal and $ 10,000 deposit! (Which means you can not withdraw more than $ 2,500.00 and you can not deposit more than $ 10,000.00) a day. Similarly, it is possible for a bank to have a limit of less than $ 2,500.00, we advise you to use different ATMs as long as you want to withdraw.


Apart from the fact that you will be able to withdraw your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies earnings with Openbitcard, You can also use it to shop online, local stores, book flight tickets, pay hotel bills and Make any transaction online. This is a good news for countries that are not allowed to make transactions with their local bank ATM cards.

IS Openbitcard SAFE?

According to their terms and conditions, they are obliged to keep users data safe and not to release to third parties. And based on the site performance, the site is currently not listed as suspicions by Google, it has no domain blacklist record, the site uses an HTTPS secure connection, see reference here. To Register and order an openbitcard, clickhere.

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