How To Invest In New Cryptocurrencies And make 100% Or More Profits

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Many people (myself included) are wondering how to invest in new cryptocurrencies and make more profit since crypto-currencies have grown tremendously in recent years. Being lucky is quite different from a calculated risk. We believe that investments in cryptocurrencies may fall into the latter category, however, that requires thoughtful work. Let's go over this:

 What profit are you really looking for? 
Suppose your starting point is $ 1,000 and your endpoint is $ 100,000. This means that we are looking to add two zeros at the end of your initial investment, a return of 100X. It sounds crazy, but since Ethereum and Bitcoin both did exactly that, it's not that crazy to make such a huge profit. An easy way to judge this return is market capitalization. If you look at the cryptocurrency that has a market capitalization of $ 50 million, you can easily see what it would take to get a return of 10X (market capitalization of $ 500 million) or a return of 100X ($ 5 billion) of dollars). Market capitalization is not a perfect indicator of this return, but it is good enough for this analysis.

What types of market capitalization are we looking for?
what it tells us is that we need to find a cryptocurrency that has a lower market cap so that you buy a token that can grow. There were a dozen crypto-currencies that exceeded one billion market capitalization, but only a few exceeded $ 10 billion. For my taste, I basically look for the cryptocurrencies with less than 50 million dollars market cap

What type of cryptocurrency are we looking for?
 Tokens or ICOs are not created equal. Some are originally blockchain's assets, while others are tokens that are made to work on other blockchains, others will never work on a blockchain. So, how do you judge a cryptocurrency? For me, I have four main areas that I look for in the judgment of a blockchain:

  1. Technology: What is the underlying technology that is powered by this token? What is its advantage? Is he able to direct and control a market? Are there major defects? 
  2. Team: Who are the founders of the organization? Who is the original team supporting the vision? Is this team qualified to market its technology? Are there any major gaps in the qualifications of the team? 
  3. Global Community: What "chatter" is there about this cryptocurrency on popular social media sites? Finding numbers on Reddit, Slack, and Twitter is a good place to start here. Are there any important conferences and activities around this blockchain?
  4. Development Community: Who is the team that supports product development? If it's open source, how many contributors does the project have? Do they come from the managing organization or from outside the managing organization? How much activity is on Gitter and Github? 

Check these four will give you a quick overview of the things that matter most to the value of a token.

New cryptocurrencies that are already catching the market's attention.

 Recently I discovered something called "cryptocurrency fund" and it caught my eye. It's stressful going online every month to do research on hundreds of cryptocurrencies so as to balance my portfolio. So Let's look at what I found:

Crypto20 ( 
Crypto20  is the " First tokenized Cryptocurrency Index Fund "which holds the TOP 20 most-capitalized cryptocurrencies. This means that this fund "follows" TOP 20 cryptocurrencies and that this portfolio is rebalanced every week. What I like about this fund is that it is not managed "actively" like the previous one. There are rather transparent rules that this fund follows:

• The fund follows TOP 20 cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization No cryptocurrency gains above than 10 percent of the fund

• The portfolio is rebalanced weekly

• An important note here: The fund currently deals with ICO and the entire fund is capped at $ 75 million (over 6 $ Million of the fund is already filled). There will be no more chips after the OIC, but the chips will be traded in the main markets thereafter.

• There is an annual fee of 0.5%.

•They have a nice calculator on the main page that shows how much money your investment could increase depending on the date and amount invested.

For more information on how to register and participate in the C20 ICO, click here

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  1. I too am planning to invest on cryptocurrency. But I am really a bad trader. Thanks for the tips..

  2. I, for one, have never contemplated how to invest in new cryptocurrencies and make more profit. Never even uttered the word "cryptocurrency." Thanks for the insight!


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