Best Bitcoin Investment Sites That Actually Pay

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Disclaimer: You should know that no investment is 100% safe especially when it has to do with online investment sites. In order to minimize the risk level, I have put in place the best bitcoin investment sites with a very high probability of making profit. These are the two most reliable bitcoin investment sites that actually pay their members, don't forget to share with friends after reading.


What is bitconnect?
Bitconnect is a crypto currency and also a website. As a currency, it has its own market value, just like other cryptocurrencies that fluctuate according to the nature of the market. As a website, Bitconnect offers a loan option in which by lending your bitconnect coin you can earn a significant interest, it can be up to 40% and more, it all depends on your investment.

How does bitconnect work?
getting 1% of your initial investment a day is better than the bank interest. Bitconnect offers over 1% daily interest and 40% monthly interest of your principal investment whenever you buy bitconnect coin and use it to participate in their lending program. You might be wondering how these people make use of the money in order for them to pay a 40% monthly return to their members, well, here is how; bitconnect claims to have an autotrading bot which trades on market volatility. Therefore, whenever you invest your money in the program, the money goes directly to the Autobot. The trading bot will generate profits by using volatility software and sharing profit among bitconnect members in accordance with an individual investment plan.

How reliable is bitconnect?
No investment is totally risk-free, be it online or offline, there must be a risk factor or the other. But when it comes to bitconnect investment program, the risk level is lower to a very good extent and judging by the reputation that biconnect has, we can conclude that bitconnect has some level of credibility and hence can be relied upon.

•The value of the BCC was $ 2 in December 2016 and as at November 2017, it increased to $289 with a market cap of $619M.

• The program has been strategically planned to ensure profitability to its members and has a long history in the cryptocurrency sphere. The daily interest rate has been met for more than 2years now, thereby attesting to its sustainability compared to other cryptocurrency investment platforms.

• Bitconnect has a huge number of reputable partners of which none of the partners has ever denied incorporation with bitconnect. You can find their partnership page here.

How do I invest in Bitconnect?
If you are interested in joining bitconnect investment platform, click here to signup and keep in mind that the minimal investment is $100. Register here to get 10% bonus when you fund your account.

2. USI-Tech 

What is USI-Tech?
USI-Tech is a global technology company known worldwide. They have been around for over 20years but they recently launched their trading platform known as USI auto trading. Their platform focus on forex trading and cryptocurrency trading specifically bitcoin.

How USI-Tech works?
 This isn't a Ponzi scheme site where you have to invite others to earn interest on your investment. With USI-Tech, all you have to do is sign up and you will be directed to your dashboard where you will have to fund your account and activate the auto trading software of which you are going to earn 140% of your investment including the initial capital.

One good thing about USI-Tech is that you don't need to convert the bitcoin into any other cryptocurrency. All funding and withdrawals are strictly made in bitcoin.

Credibility test
• Unlike bitconnect, USI-Tech seems to have a popular team of experts behind the program. Ralph Gold, Mike Keifer, Horst Jicha, Daven Micheals among others are the brains behind the existence of USI-Tech auto trading platform.

• USI-Tech is a registered company with the registration number ICC20160282, has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE.

• They use unique algorithms and a cautious trading strategy to significantly minimize the risk to their users. In the worst case, trading can be stopped immediately at any time by stopping the software.

How to join USI-Tech
The minimum investment is $60 and the minimum age is 18 years because participants in accordance with the law must have a full legal capacity. Click here to sign up with USI-Tech.

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