Is Bitcoin Investment Totally Risk Free?

For first timers, one of the questions that usually come to mind before investing in bitcoin is that "How risky is investing in bitcoin?". Well, that's a fair question to ask especially when someone is planning on investing much in bitcoin. But as an investor, one thing that you should always have at the back of your mind is that "No investment is 100% risk-free", just that the level of risk may vary based on the nature of that investment.

Truth be told, bitcoin is actually a very volatile asset. But as an experienced and informed investor, there are ways to deal with volatile assets like bitcoin. As a first time investor in the bitcoin business, the first thing I would advise you to do is to know what you are investing in, know how it works, analyze it history especially the price chart fluctuations from the time it was created up till this very moment. Once you are able to get a clear picture of the bitcoin market, you will definitely do well as an investor.

Back to the question: " Is Bitcoin Investment Totally Risk-Free?"

I will give answers based on logistics and based on experts opinions. Like I have said earlier that if you are able to understand both the history and nature of the bitcoin cryptocurrency, you will definitely be able to profit high with bitcoin investment. Therefore bitcoin investment is 70% risk-free and 30% risky. Here are the reasons for my answer...

Why Bitcoin is 30% risky
-the volatile nature of bitcoin makes it risky such that you may buy 1BTC for $5000 this month and it may reduce in value to about $4500 within that same month or a few months after

-in that case, you will have to wait extra months for the price of bitcoin to rise again before you will be able to make any profit. Whichever case, with patience, you will definitely make your money back even double the amount that you have invested.

-Using the wrong bitcoin exchange wallet may put your investment in jeopardy. This is because hackers are desperate and they are ready to hack any bitcoin exchange company as soon as they spot any loophole that can be exploited. Hence I would advice using this bitcoin exchange wallet know as coin base. Click here to join COINBASE.

Why BItcoin is 70% risk-free
-Firstly, you should know that bitcoin can never be killed not by the Chinese government or anybody. Bitcoin has come to stay and it will keep thriving no matter the kind of perception people develop for or against it.

-Bitcoin has been adopted by different countries and most online stores. As a matter of fact, schools are also accepting bitcoin as payment for tuition, in a post published on Futurism, the Lucerne University of applied science and Art, Switzerland has announced their intention to accept bitcoin payment.

-Bitcoin may be volatile, but that doesn't mean that the price doesn't increase even more than what it used to be. According to bitcoin experts, the volatility of bitcoin is just a tool used to make the asset cheaper for purchase so that investors will be able to purchase a large amount of it and later sell it out when it eventually increases again.

-Ever since the advent of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies have emerged which is enough reason to believe that bitcoin can never be killed not while other cryptocurrencies are still in existence.

Should I still invest in bitcoin?
Apparently, investing in bitcoin is a wise thing to do as long as you are familiar with the market trends and if you are able to follow the investment guides which I have mentioned above. If you have more questions, plz drop it in the comment box below and don't forget to share this piece with friends via the social media buttons below.
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  1. I must admit that this is an eye opening post. The writer Actually cleared my miconceptions about digital money. Thanks for this

  2. wow .. i just searching for this article .. thankyou so much for share with us

  3. Well, I tried to get bit coin for free but it took more time -_- but its fun

  4. No investment is risk free. You are always on the site of the risk of a financial market which can collapse in one second of a moment. Just an fact to share. When China decided to not trade bitcoins anymore the currency lost 30% of its value on the same day. People who wanted to take money out in this moment might not been able than since they would not got their investment back. Also bitcoin is unregulated to make it even high risk.

  5. Yes dieter, you are an avid follower of the cryptocurrency


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