How To Start A Business With Low Investment Startups And High Profit

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Travel Agency
Being a travel agent is one of the easiest business ideas with low-cost investment plans as it requires just a small office where you can meet people for consultation as well as an in-depth knowledge of how the traveling industry works. People travel every day for a holiday, relocation, business purposes, sightseeing, excursion etc. When people are about to embark on a journey, they usually need someone to consult who will put them through on how to go about the paperwork and other informational assistance.

Gym or fitness center
In this contemporary world, people are concerned about their state of health and fitness. There are numerous blogs online talking about fitness exercise, yoga, and healthy dietary. Starting a gym and fitness center requires a one-time low investment for buying gym equipment of which you will only have to be worried about the maintenance whilst getting paid every week or month for the use of the gym equipment. with this, you can be be rest assured of making higher profit if you are able to choose a better business area

Mobile food shop
We are in a mobile world where people eat on the go. Busy people hardly have time to go into a restaurant to buy lunch while on duty, instead they just look for a fast food seller nearby. Starting a mobile food shop is easy to start up but it requires cooking skills and selling in a strategic area. With less than $500 you can start up a mobile food shop and earn good profit daily or weekly.

Freelancing is one of the easiest and low cost business to start online. With freelancing sites like, Freelancer. com, and, you can earn more than $10,000 monthly by just doing what you are good at. If you are a good programmer, an SEO expert, or a website designer, freelancing could be the easiest way for you to make good money, all you need to have is a good laptop and a fast internet connection.

Amazon still works
Investors think that the whole of Amazon business ideas have been saturated hence they overlook the potentiality of earning good money from it. The truth is, yes! Amazon is saturated but it still works fine if you know how to play your cards. Here is how...
If you have roughly $2000-$5000, you can order products with your brand or label from China.

Send the products to Amazon fulfillment network where the majority of the work will be done for you, including the picking, packing, storing, shipping as well as handling of customer care services.

Apart from a few Saas application, Amazon only collect 15% of the revenue for their services and shipment fee which is usually between the range of $3-$6 on average.

If you do your research very well, your products should sell 3-10units daily which will amount to a gross profit of $5 - $20 on each product.

So with an investment of $2,000 - $10,000, you could be making an annual income of $8,000 to $80,000.

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