Top Business Maneuvers To Help Boost Your Business Among Competitors

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It is a known fact that there is hardly a new type of business that hasn't been saturated or put into practice by other people. Hence we can only build on the already established types of businesses by making it look unique and juicy even though such business ideas have been in existence over time.

Because there is rarely a new type of business, that is why entrepreneurs face all sorts of competitions in terms of customer satisfaction and building of a reputable business brand. But to be realistic, the competitive nature of businesses is what brings about the economic upgrade in the developed and the developing countries of the world. Variably or invariably, business and market competition is highly influential to the growth of any nation, we can't just outcast or abolish competition in business. And that is the reason why most successful business owners are using a multi-dynamic means of surviving in the business world.

A businessman once told me that "politics is business and business is politics ". At first, I didn't really understand the logic behind the statement, but with time and as i watched different business rise and fall, that was when the statement above proved to be meaningful and full of logic.

Over the past decade, there have been different types of business dramas, someone who is observant and open-minded should be able to learn one or two things from those dramas. So here are few out of many business maneuvers that can be used in any field of business so as to fuel your business capacity among your competitors.


Hyping is one of the instruments that has been used by successful business brands to boost their sales. One of these successful company that has used hyping technique is the Red Bull brand. An average beverage drinker should be familiar with the Red Bull energy drink. I came across the Red Bull story from a serial entrepreneur known as Jacob Marais.

The Red Bull drink is made in Thailand and has been marketed all around the world. Initially, I never knew that the drink is a Thailand product, I used to think of it as a drink made in the united states, and based on my misconception on this drink, I would say that the guys behind the sales of this drink are the best at what they do. The legend of the Red bull story goes thus...

The Red Bull marketers would give the drink to barmen in New York, and the barmen would sell it "rush rush". But how were they able to rush the sale in New York? This is what they did, the barmen would mobilize some patrons to storm the bar asking for this drink that gives so much energy boost. But this isn't the shrewdest of their marketing tactics.

They would also litter empty cans of the Red Bull drink on the floor of the bathroom. The clubbers would see the empty Red Bull cans and think of it as a really nice drink if everybody is drinking it.

When they started making huge sales, they also invented their own extreme sport, thereby creating an awareness strategy that is peculiar to their brand alone. Pretty clever right?


There are four dominant mobile network providers in Nigeria. Globacom happens to fall among these four dominant network providers and they have been able to maintain their stand among the other 3 competitors. According to a news source, Glo lost about 218,482 and had 27,184,002 data subscribers left on its network.

Following this setback, glo initiated the idea of data free day so as to prevent more subscribers from leaving and to woo the lost customers back to their network. That wasn't the smartest of their moves as they also made two HiP Hop stars their ambassadors. Making these two stars their ambassador was the smartest move because each of the two music stars speaks the language of the people and each of them is known for peculiar street slangs which are often used colloquially on the street. Glo became the first mobile network to use these two street kings on a particular advert as the same time. With the influence of these two music stars and with the free data day incentive, they must have surely regained more than they have lost in June.


When marketing a business in any social setting, it is quintessential to put into recognition, the people's language. Customers will always demonstrate a positive attitude toward any business brand that understands their language. Language in this sense is not limited to the linguistic aspect alone but covers every aspect of the social status quo.

On the cultural proficiency, I am going to focus my explanation on a particular drink in Nigeria known as Orijin.

Starting with the brand name, I would say that it is the most linguistically proficient business maneuver as far as Nigeria is concerned. Grammatically it is spelled as origin, but in the Nigerian pidgin English, it is spelled and pronounced as Orijin.

Secondly, the orijin brand knew that Nigerians spend more on herbal beverages and they also knew that Nigerians are two-sided. 1.the religious Nigerians who don't take alcohol and 2. The social and outgoing Nigerians. So this was what they did, they made the Orijin nonalcoholic herbal drink called Orijin Zero while maintaining the same flavor contained in the alcoholic one. This really helped them to gain ground in Nigeria.


If you can derive the same satisfaction from two different products, wouldn't you go for the one with the best price? Obviously yes! Although in some exceptional cases, people would go for class instead of satisfaction and that is what makes such cases "uncommon" as long as the business is concerned.

Using another made in Nigeria drink as an inference, the"Aje" Big cola drink maneuvered it way through the beverage market by increasing the quantity of their drink by 24% higher than that of their competitor's. Nigerians would definitely patronize this cheap drink since they can derive the same satisfaction that they get from the ones on ground before. This market development prompted other major competitors to increase their beverage contents by 24% also.

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