How Charity Donations Contribute To Business Growth

Charity, as it is known, is an effort of kindness displayed by people towards others, especially in a generous and supportive way. As it is said, that "charity begins at home" and it also extends to every other aspect of the society. Charity works will always come to play in the society because the society is made up of stratal of people and class, those who have and the ones who are in need, the concept of social stratification came into existence as a result of social classes. And that is why there are charity organizations that see to helping the needy to meet their needs.
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However, different businesses have been partnering with charity organizations so as to assist the needy to help reach their goals whilst maintaining and growing their business networks with donations to charity works. Charity donations help to improve business in many ways that cannot be over emphasized, among those ways include:

When business owners give a donation to charity agencies, that act of contribution will create a positive public image about the business. People in the society will begin to display a more positive attitude towards the business, they will talk about the act of kindness that has been shown by the business to the Society. Invariably the society will begin a voluntary "mouth to ear" advertisements for the business.

The act of kindness by a business enterprise towards charity works is also a part of a show of cultural proficiency and a way of winning the trust of people in the society. In other words, when businesses engage in charity donations, they are simply practicing a strategic giving.

The tax rebate is a refund on taxes when the taxes paid are greater than the tax liability.
Tax rebate comes in deferent ways and can be done based on different circumstances. But based on this context, a Tax rebate is a full or partial exclusion on taxes paid by business owners. For example, when a business organization donates a car, bus or other materials to a particular charity agency, if that car donation is equivalent to the amount of tax that is expected of the business owner, then the business owner would get a 100% tax rebate. But in a situation whereby the car donation is worth half the amount of taxes expected to be paid, that means the business owner would pay just %50 of the normal tax rate. However, this depends on the taxation policy of the country in which the business is operated. And the tax rebate is another tool used by the government to encourage participation in charity donations.

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