Business Techniques For Sharing Your Ads On Facebook

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Creating a business idea and implementing that business idea are the easy parts of building a strong business. The most challenging aspect of building a reputable business is by creating your own audience, targeting audience that will be peculiar to your business brand and as well as keeping that audience engaged so as to make them glued to your business ideology.

The questions most business owners often ask is that, where do I get an audience that is interested in my business brand?, how do I keep these audience engaged? how much does it cost to get all these done the right way?. The answer to those questions is simply through "Awareness", you have to create awareness or possibly buy the awareness if you have the money.

Facebook happens to be one of the best places to create or buy awareness for your business irrespective of your business niche and demographics. Quintessentially, you should know which type of awareness that you want and that is how you will be able to figure out where to target during the cause of your business campaign.

Having a fan page on Facebook is just to keep your audience around, only a few of them will receive updates whenever your share a post on Facebook. This is because Facebook has configured their system such that any post containing a URL link will not be able to reach all of the members of your business fan page effectively. So whenever you have to share any post containing a URL, you will be forced to boost that post with money so that the post will get to as many people as you have desired to reach.

But the bad news is, even if you pay to boost your business campaigns on Facebook, if you do not target the right audience, you won't get any value for your money. What business owners normally do is to hire a social media expert to do the awareness work for them, meanwhile, this will cost you a lot money if you are thinking of doing the same.

However, if you are a small business owner with a low budget, you can just do the Facebook awareness creation task yourself. It's very simple but it requires a person to be analytical and observant. Without no further ado, let's quickly explore some important techniques to take into consideration when boosting a Facebook post.

You need to know who you are targeting first. You should be 100% sure that your audience have same or similar interest in what you want to offer to them. You may be wondering that how can you possibly know the interest of people on the Facebook platform? of course, you can. You don't need to carry out any survey to determine their interest, all the tools that you need to determine the interest of your audience is on the Facebook platform. So how do you fish out those people that are interested in your business offer? here is how:
1. Log in to Facebook profile and open the post that you wish to boost it reach

2. Set your ads goal to "people who are likely to visit your website"

3. Set your audience to custom targets and then choose the demographics

4. While selecting the audience demographics, remember to change the interest and select the one that matches your Facebook business ads. During this phase, you should select audience who have interest in your competitor's goods or services. This is because, your competitors' audience will like to see the difference between your own product and that of your competitor's, this will make them give you attention. This is where the identification if audience stops.

Having stolen your competitor's audience, you should note that choosing the wrong timing is bad for business. Boosting a post without doing an analysis of the best times is like opening a club in the morning, obviously the best time that clubs rock is at night. So here are the best times to boost your business ads on the Facebook platform.

Firstly, I would advise setting your ad campaign to run for just 1day instead of 2,3,4,7 days. So here are the best times that you can boost your post on the Facebook platform.

1. 5 P.M
This is because most people do have time to surf their social media handles after returning from work and that usually falls between 5-9P.M. so if you boost your ads around 5 P.M in the evening, chances are, a lot of people will view it within the time frame above.

2. 6A.M
People tend to check their social apps notification early in the morning before getting set for work or on their way to work. During the early hours of the day, people are more interested in getting fresh information online and therefore, they will be open-minded to whatever goes through their phone screen.

I hope this little tip works well for your next business ads boosting, don't forget to share with others.

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  1. This was really helpful, thank you for sharing this. As a small business owner / blogger this really provides some insight.


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