Banks Grow More Fears As Bitcoin Price Increases to $4204

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A few days ago, I predicted that the digital currency will likely regain momentum subsequently to the adoption of the digital money in one of South Africa's biggest store. Only few people believed my prediction, the few who did believe the prediction and bought the Bitcoin money while it was still around $3000 must have been grateful that they were open to my prediction.

Over the last 48hours, news about the increase in the price of Bitcoin has spread through the internet with different experts giving their opinions and insight on the progress that has been made as per the price of Bitcoin money.

In a post published by professor "Panos Mourdoukoutas" on Forbes, the professor noted that Bitcoin has been able to stand firm as against the negative policy made by the Chinese government to flush away the cryptocurrency. He also stated that the cryptocurrency will continue to thrive well with or without the support of the Chinese government.

Forecaster Gerald Celente also contributed to the new development. According to Gerald Celente, Banks are afraid of the Bitcoin money owing to the fact that the virtual currency will likely 'Take Away Their Business'. Celente argued to the point that these banks are trying to Kill the virtual money for the sake of their businesses.

James Gorman, CEO of Morgan Stanley, commented that Bitcoin is more than a phenomenon that became purpose over a short period of time. Gorman also explained how compelling the privacy features of the Cryptocurrency are.

Based on all of these commentaries made by these experts, it is believed that the Bitcoin money could rise to $5000 over time.

Banks Grow More Fears As Bitcoin Price Increases to $4204 Banks Grow More Fears As Bitcoin Price Increases to $4204 Reviewed by sidex Jay on September 28, 2017 Rating: 5


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