The Increase In Bitcoin Price Is Just Getting Started! Don't Miss The Bitcoin Train

There are have been different opinions and theories based the major spike that has occurred to the price of Bitcoin since this past week. While most people have already bought the cryptocurrency before the spike occurred, there are other people who are regretful for not investing in Bitcoin when the price was still at $3000.
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The good news is, Bitcoin is a volatile virtual money and ever since its inception in 2009, the digital money has experienced a major increase in its price. A couple of days ago, Bitcoin rose above $400, meanwhile, experts have given analysis and forecasted that the cryptocurrency is yet to reach its height. 

Investing in Bitcoin is not late yet, we never can tell, the cryptocurrency may increase to $10,000 before the end of 2017. That's how volatile Bitcoin is. So if you are planning on investing in Bitcoin, do that fast before the price increases further.

About three days ago, I opened a question concerning the spike in bitcoin price so as to know if it's a good idea to invest now or not. Thankfully, an expert in financial market Doug Dailey gave me a detailed and reasonable information as to why Bitcoin decreases drastically and subsequent spikes high. See his explanation below.

Bitcoin has risen to a high level in terms of price since it began trading. What that means for traders and investors in that they have to pay more to buy in. But don’t write off Bitcoin yet. Now that the price has shot up the Big Boys are now able to manipulate the price and grind it higher and then take it down at will to make profits for themselves like they do in every financial market. Your job as a trader or investor is to develop a plan to get in and out with a profit. It is all a matter of perspective. If you think it is high at $4000 what are you going to think when it hits $10,000?
What you need to do is to do what the pros do. Buy in when the price tanks and sell off when the price goes parabolic. Buy and hold is a strategy too but now that the price is $4000 you could get flushed out on a large drop if and when it happens. Keep one thing in mind when you trade or invest in any financial market. The price is going to go higher and lower than you ever thought possible. This is a function of manipulation. The manipulators use the price extremes as a tool to make additional profits for themselves. They drive the price into extreme lows to buy and they drive the price into extreme highs to sell. Buy at extreme lows and sell at extreme highs not the other way around!

The Increase In Bitcoin Price Is Just Getting Started! Don't Miss The Bitcoin Train The Increase In Bitcoin Price Is Just Getting Started! Don't Miss The Bitcoin Train Reviewed by sidex Jay on September 30, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. Bitcoin is very promising investment

  2. Bitcoin is a great way to gain a lots of money in few months but graph of bitcoin fluctuations is not Good.

  3. I wanted to get some bitcoins but im nervous...I think im going to take the plunge


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