Make Money Online As A Contractor With These Two Companies

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With the advent of fast internet services and mobile technology devices, working from home has been one of the easiest ways to make money online either passively or actively. While trying to make money online, it is of interest to note that there are fake platforms that advertise money making opportunities online. Signing up with any of these fake platforms will get you frustrated as they are wasting your time, efforts and even your money because the task that will be given to you by these companies will require a fast internet access. In order not to fall victim, you should do a proper analysis of what you are going into.
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Fundamentals of creating a business idea
Back to the topic of discussion, these two online companies that I am about to introduce to you are reliable and legitimate. Unlike other platforms, you won't have to pay any membership fee or to click annoying ads to make money. These two companies pay their agents based on the work performed by the agents. Although a few technical skills and language proficiency tests may be required for you to join any of these two. Since they are an online money making platforms, you won't need to work for so long or at a specified time. All you will need to do is choose the time that you will be less busy and work on the contract that has been assigned to you. Industrial statistics have shown that there are about 200,000 independent home-based agents that are enjoying the benefits and flexibility of making money online. So let's discuss the two companies one after the other.


Don't worry about the name, working with this company is not as hard as the name sounds. Leapforce has a slogan "Balance your work and life", yes that's their ideology and that's exactly what they give. They allow you to strike an equilibrium between your work and your life. With leapforce, you have the freedom and flexibility to work at your own convenient time while still maintaining a proper relationship with your schedule for family and friends.

What are my tasks as a Leapforce agent?
It's simple, but like I said earlier, you need some amount of technical skills to work with Leapforce. So basically, what you are expected to do as a Leapforce agent is to do a proper assessment, reports, and give an intellectual and expert insights for Leadforce clients.

To be specific, what Leapforce agents actually do is to provide search engine evaluation for Leapforce clients. It's as easy as that.

How do I make money as a Leapforce independent agent?
As an agent, you have to perform a work that is available from Leapforce clients, once you have completed the work, you issue an invoice to Leapforce for each hour of work that you have completed.

Agents can only issue an invoice once in a calendar month and when that is done, you get paid via direct deposit.

What are the requirements to join Leapforce?

  • To join Leapforce, you are required to partake in an examination that is focused on testing your theoretical and practical knowledge of search engine evaluation.
  • Fast internet speed, a laptop or mobile device
  • Valid tax identification number or a social security number
  • Must be up to 18years and above.
  • Writing and comprehension skills
  • Fluency in other languages apart from English
  • How much can I earn with leapforce?
  • Well, that depends on the number of hours you put to work. I have seen a fellow blogger who earns 200-300monthly with little time spent on the work.

How to join Leapforce
If you are interested in working with the firm click here to register


Appen claims to be one of the leading firms in the area of speech and searches technology services with experts in more than 150 languages. Similarly to Leapforce, Appen also offers search evaluation and language consultation as part of their services.

Which work can i do as an Appen independent agent?

  • Appen allows its agents to work independently from home and to major in any of the these:
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Linguistic consultation
  • Search relevance evaluation
  • Outsourcing
  • Text analytics
  • Semantic annotations
  • Product sourcing and classification among others

Contrary to Leapforce, Appen has specified times for tasks like we search evaluation where an agent is expected to work 3-5 hours 5days in a week and it requires a lot of tests, although training will be given to web search evaluators. Judging by these requirements, it is expected that a web search evaluation agent will earn more money. A crowd sourcing agent can earn up to $25 for an hour of work.

What are the requirements to become an independent agent with Appen firm?

  • Language proficiency test
  • Fast internet access and PC
  • Must be up to 18years
  • Must be skilled at any of the aforementioned areas of service

How to join Appen?
Click here to register as an agent and take the screen exercises which demands full attention and participation.

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