Flipping Business Ideas That Double Or Triple Your Investment Within 12Months Or For Life

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When talking about online and offline business or online/offline money making techniques, the popular and interesting ones seem to generate profit pretty well, but not as much as the unpopular ones can generate. Now before you read this article further, it better you that the unpopular ones are not popular because they require quite a large amount of start-up investment. But the good side of it is that they generate huge ROI, yeah, it's a garbage in garbage out kind of thing, just that in this sense you get twice the amount of garbage you put in. So if you are not ready to spend much to earn much, this article probably isn't for you, and if you have plans of investing more in the future, then you can read further.

So what is the catch?... Well, the catch is an online and offline Asset Flipping business.

What is Asset Flipping?
Flipping is a business term that means buying an asset, improving that asset and reselling it. This can be done either way, online or offline. Although not all flipping businesses require much capital, I can guarantee you that the capitally intensive ones are also profitably intensive. The flipping of assets business is categorized into two with each category having its own types. Now let's  go into the categories.


As the prefix connotes, it involves business dealing without the use of internet and it happens to be the only means of flipping a concrete and viable asset. Offline flipping seems to be the easiest flipping business because as an investor, you will be able to see what you want to buy, assess the asset, know it's weak points, its strength, and you will also be able to determine how to develop it quickly.

Assets that can be flipped offline

  • Real estate
  • Factories
  • Business buildings
  • Business brands
  • Second-hand cars 
  • Agricultural Produce
  • Tech devices
  • Animals and pet etc
  • How to so an offline flipping business

1. Take for example, if you know how the real estate business works, just buy a cheap building, an uncompleted building or a house that has been marked for a renovation. Let us assume you have $20k and you buy an already established building which generates $700 monthly, now you have an asset that is worth $20k.

2. The next thing is to develop the asset and increase the profit to earn you $1k monthly. Assuming you spent $7k in developing the asset to earn you $1k monthly, your total expenses on the asset will now be $27k which means it will take you 2years and 3months for you to earn the money that you have spent on the asset.

3. After holding onto that asset for 2years and 3months you would have made $27k and you still own the asset. If at all you are to sell that asset after the 2.3years, the value must have increased. So let's say you sell it double the amount you bought and developed it ($54k), then your total profit will be $81k, that is 300% of your total investment. So if you knew that you would make $10 if you spend $5, wouldn't you spend more?


This online business may involve either domain flipping or website flipping. For the non-geeky ones, domain is a technical term which means the URL that takes you to a particular website otherwise known as a website address e.g (www.sidexblog.com).

How to do domain flipping
Domain flipping can be very profitable if you are analytical and proactive enough to hijack the domain before those who are desperately in need of it are able to register it. I know of a person who bought a domain containing the abbreviation of a company brand that is yet to be launched. So when the firm discovered that the domain has been registered and is up for sale, they quickly contacted the domain flipper and he sold the domain to the firm for $14k. The amazing part of the business was that the flipper hijacked and bought the domain for less than $12. Yeah, it was a jackpot for the domain flipper. With this scenario, I suppose you already know how domain flipping works right?. Although, flipping a domain may not convert quickly and you may be prompted to keep renewing the domain name years after Years, its part of the development plans and it also depends on how analytical and proactive you are.

How to do website flipping.
Website flipping is just of three simple steps:
1. Buy an already established website or blog
2. Develop it to increase the profit
3. Resell it and earn more profit
However, this depends on how much you want to spend.

If I were to do a website business, here is how I would do it:

1. I would buy an established website that makes minimum of $500 monthly

2. I would hold on to the website, invest more in SEO works to optimize the website and apply my own knowledge to increase the content quality so as to woo more audience

4. The second stage must have increased my traffic flow and invariably improve the website earnings to $1000 monthly. Then I would keep earning that $1000 profit for 12months. By then, the website metrics and ranking must have increased.

5. Now it's time to sell the website, and if I were to sell a website that generates $1000 monthly, I would sell it within the range of $25k-$30k which is three times the amount I bought the website excluding the $1000 monthly profit which I held for 12month. In total, I would end up with $37k - $42k.

Guide to buying a website to flip
Only buy a website that will be easy to develop and convert quickly
Don't buy a website that has its audience attached to the owner or authors
Only buy a website with a business model that you are familiar with.
Do a website audit before buying the site
Buy a website that falls under an evergreen niche

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