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BIOSOCIAL Reasons Why people often give birth to female children than male children.

Why females are more than males health tips
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Hello people, there has been divergent opinions as to why we have more female children given birth to than male. This opinions varies ranging from the scientific (medical) point of view to the spiritual, natural, and even the philosophical standpoint. So i came up with little findings from people which categorically cover all these aspects of opinions and they are based on the following:
Why girls are naturally plenty

Naturally, its possible for a man to impregnate hundreds of women of not thousands. Well, i think this justifies the assumption that nature produces more female simply because a man capable of fertilizing as many is possible. This can also be seen in other animals take for example: we have more sheeps than ram, 3-4 out of every 5 lambs are females. The same thing is applicable to pig, lions, dogs, goats etc.

  However, there is a short coming regarding this point of view, and the flaw is that, there animals where more male offsprings are produced than females. Such examples are rabbits, hare, and tigers.

Scriptural deductions have proven that it spiritually that the world is meant to multiply in a geometric manner. Inferences such as GENESIS 1:28 "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it" explains why more women are born than men, because for the earth to be filled, a large number of women will be needed to carry the conception.
Why girls are more than men
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Other analogies like AN-NISA 2:3 "Marry those that please you of {other} women, two or three or four" this Quranic verse also emphasizes the statistical dominance of women and the need for the world to get filled.

Although all this analogies are of "divine nature" and one might not be able to comprehend or develop an empirical explanation from it, because the words of the scriptures are sacred, and sacred in this sense means that they are unquestionable.

This point of view might not be outrightly correct as it is rather logical than being empirical. Opinions from this angle are more liberal as it strikes an equilibrium between the birth of both males and females.
Why women are more than men
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This reasonable standpoint see the predominance of birth from a hereditary factor. And to a very good extent, i think this opinion is actually reasonable to agree with. Using myself as an example, my mum is from a family where 4 out of the 6 children are males while my dad is from a family where 3 out of the 5 children are males. In totally, there are 7 male children and 4 female children from both sides which justifies why my mum and dad gave birth to 4 male children and 1 female child. I hope this best explains the hereditary factor. And if you have any opinion to support or reject this plz kindly put your comments below.

This happens to be the most suitable of all reasons judging by the fact that it is testable and empirical. Conclusions from the medical point of view state that the female "xx" chromosomes have a longer life span than that of the male "XY" chromosomes.
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The male s+x sperm dies faster than the female one, hence most of the male sperms die faster before the egg is ready in the fallopian tube for fertilisation unlike the female determining sperm which can stay longer for fertilisation.

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