Thursday, 10 August 2017

This Trick Is Used To Stop Underarm Sweat


The underarm or armpit is a hollow under the shoulder or arm, it is always hidden and warm, it accumulates heat and always wet during summer.
The best way to prevent this with the application of a mixture, sandalwood powder, sweat pads and deodorant.
This three stuff will prevent that embarrassing moments of armpit sweat and smell.

How to stop sweating in the ampit

white sandalwood powder is a common Ayurvedic ingredient which soaks extra moisture from the skin, keeping that area dry and healthy.
Application - add few spoons of white sandalwood powder , lemon juice and rose water to it. Mix well and make a thick paste . Apply it on the underarm area and wash it off with cold water. Apply enough layer of oil to prevent bad odour and not to accumulate sweat. Oils to use are germ oil,cypress oil, geranium oil, almond oil, tea tree oil will work perfectly on it.

Health tips to keep armpit dry

Sweat pad is a type of fabric weaved together to absorb sweat from the under arm, but the disadvantages of this product are, it can stop your underarm from sweating, it can't prevent odour, unlike the above mentioned procedure.
It's  pretty cool because it's disposable and easy to use.
You can find in any online store like amazon, Tripple clicks and the rest of them.


Deodorant is another way of preventing underarm sweat, for people who sweat alot. They can purchase it from any pharmaceutical stores or any online store.

Choosing The Right Material:

There are certain fabrics which exposes underarm sweat while some hide it