Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Remove wrinkles by doing this On Your Face Every Morning.


The best way to quench wrinkles,dark circles under the eyelids is by massaging your face with a metal spoon.
Most at times wrinkles and black circles makes us look old.
Black circles under the eyelids is due to insufficient sleep.
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  • Metal spoon
  • Warm oil(Marigold,flaxseed,sunflower, olive oil).
  • Alcohol
  • Cold water(preferably with ice cubes).


1.Remove your make-up and apply your regular moisturizer. Disinfect the metal spoon you are using with some alcohol and soak them in ice cold water.
2.Place cooled tablespoons on your upper eyelids. Hold them on for a few seconds. Once the tablespoons warm up, replace them with cold ones. Repeat the same treatment with your lower eyelids. This will help you reduce puffiness and dark circles.

3.Soak the tablespoons in some warm oil. Now you can start massaging your face. Apply some mild pressure and move the tablespoons along the following lines.
4.From the forehead, starting at the point between your eyebrows to the temples and hairline
 Do some circular motions on your eyelids; start from the inner corner and then back to the initial point
5.Follow the lines on your cheeks:
 A. from the nostrils to the temples
 B. From your chin to the temples
 C. From the base of your neck to the chin
 Massage every line for at least 10 times

 Add some more oil if the tablespoons do not glide properly. Massage your face for 10 minutes, but you may want to start off with 1-2 minutes and increase the duration of a minute every day. On day 10, your facial massage will last for 10 minutes.
You should see results after the very first massage, and your face will be wholly relaxed.

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