Sunday, 23 July 2017

Pep Guardiola is more of a Hitler type manager - opinion


By: OmoToyosi
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What do Man-City fans think of Pep?
So lately I have found this trending comment all over the football websites that Mr. Pep does not get any malice from the football media because generally he is a nice bloke. Wait a second… since when did being nice become an agenda for not facing any criticism. The last time I checked Arsene Wenger was a very nice guy as well. So was Brendan Rodgers when he was in charge at Liverpool. But that never stopped anyone from pointing out the mistakes and at times laughing their asses off on their demise. Tremendous pressure was and has been put on these managers and any single mistake whether be it on personal level or on the pitch by the players, they are shredded apart piece by piece.

Now lets focus on Mr. Pep. Here is manager who was suppose to come in and revolutionize the whole system at Man City. This guy has done nothing sort of that. In fact he has destroyed the very core of Man City. He had the best striker in the league who at times is completely unplayable.
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What does he do, he throws him at the side and no one even bats an eye. He had a very sorted keeper in Hart admittedly he had his faults, but wasn’t Mr. Pep brought in to improve the players and the squad. Are you telling me that Mr. Pep cannot develop any player or train him in the right/his way. He has literally bought everyone he had laid his eyes on and will continue to do so and that too for tremendous amount of money. Still there is not a single bit of scrutiny being put on him by any writers. The guy is more of a Hitler type manager than what you make of. He discards players like anything and does not give them any chance to prove them wrong. He has not promoted or developed any singly academy or reserve player.

I wonder what Man City fans think of him. I am sure he will buy the league one day if he has not done that already this season and I guess they are pretty content with that. He will leave soon, I can bet you that, sooner than Mourinho my friends. But since he is a nice guy, let’s not say anything against him shall we?

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