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How to quickly reduce Body Fat with 24hrs fasting 4times weekly just for a month

How fasting works

As we all know that fasting is a full restrain of oneself from any or some kind of food, drinks and acts. Although fasting is usually based on religious ground, but today we are going to use it for health benefit and fitness. 
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Before we go any further, i want to clear your misconceptions about products advertisements which have downplayed the importance of workout in reducing fat in the body. Of course these product companies are only interested in selling their product to you by creating a negative picture of other working methods that will contradict or conflict with the sales of their own products. These so called "Fat reducing" products might truly be effective but can equally be dangerous as most of them are chemicalized with side effects of which they won't tell you during the adverts. Some of these products might even cause body shape defects where the sliming might not rhyme equally, in other words making your body shape to be uneven. Therefore the best and safest way to reduce body fat is to go natural since the fats in your body didn't just get stored in night but gradually.

Back to the main topic, natural methods to reduce fat might take a little bit of time and effort and it might as well give positive result faster. It all depends on your dedication and efforts towards your health goals. Now before diving into how to go about fat reduction with 24hours fasting, let me quickly point out some health benefits of fasting as related to reducing body weight.....:

  • When you engage in fasting, your body depends on body fat as a primary source of energy instead of  depending on sugar intake. Hence, the work energy is on the body fat which will cause the fat to burnout gradually.                                                              
  • Fat is burned effectively during fasting than on a regularly diet                                                                                                           
  • Metabolism happens fast during fasting as it regulates digestion and make your digestive system to rest while it energize your metabolism to burn through more calories effectively and efficiently                                                         
  • And it overall detoxifies the whole body and     regulate body organ functions. Etc.
How to reduce body fat with 24hours fasting 3-4 times in a week
This can be done in two different ways:

1. Dry fasting method:
This requires an outright abstinence from any form food and drinks for good 24hours and it is the most suitable and effective method to lose weight with fasting. Using this method, it is advisable to eat light food before commencing with the fasting and to eat fruits and food with less calories for breaking the fast. Eating heavy diets before kick starting wont really help the process as carbohydrate foods produce plenty calories and calories significantly contribute to body fat, so eating plenty carbohydrates during this process is like a waste of time and a mere exercise.

Also, drinks with artificial sweeteners are not advisable while fasting to reduce weight so also beers and date fruits. It has been discovered that date fruits have nutrients that increase the chance of weight gain. It is advisable to take water or other natural fruit juice with less sugar.

In addition, while engaging in this fasting exercise, you shouldn't be idle or sleeping all through because this two variables can make you feel tired and bored of which boredom might tempt you into eating something. One can hardly outsmart boredom because it is an emotional state of mind, so the best practice is to get occupied while doing this fasting exercise. Do this procedure on busy days when you go on errands and perform tasks that will keep you lively throughout the 24hours.

However, This procedure might be harsh on some people who can hardly go a day without eating especially to ulcer patients. So read through the other method below...

2. Liquid fasting
This method is a bit partial as drinking of liquid is allowed but it is not as effective as the former. Individuals using this methods should try as much as possible to drink just water alone without taking beverages and beers because they are full or artificial sweeteners that produce sugar in the body. When these sugars have been produced, the body would rather depend on them as a primary source of energy instead of using the body fat as the primary source of energy. In the long run, the fasting exercise will ultimately become futile. Therefore, water should be the major liquid when doing a liquid fasting.

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How to make good money using this offline method with zero investment

Brokery and commission

As the name implies, it involves merging people together in order for each party to get what they want. This seems to be the easiest and most quickest way to make money offline with zero investment. Although it might require some level of smartness and closeness to the market place. Marketing skills might be needed in this kind of money making method. Such marketing skills include:

  • Analytical knowledge of the product or services you are trying to connect people with
  • Creativity in expression and eloquence
  • Ability to be able to woo and convince 
  • Confidence when dealing with both buyer and seller etc

How to make fast money online and offline

In this case, you are to connect the buyer to the seller and vice versa. But before you connect them to each other, there must have been a commission bargain between you and the buyer as well as percentage share between you and the seller and as such you get paid by both parties. For instance, lets say Mr A wants to sell his iphone for $500-400 and and Mr B wants to buy an iphone of $500 budget. As a broker, i will meet with Mr B and sweet talk him into connecting him to a seller who sales for 450dollars with an agreement that he will pay me 50dollars as my own commission. if Mr B agrees, then i will move to Mr A  and also tell him about someone who wants to buy the iPhone for $450 with an agreement that i will be paid $50 commission. If Mr A also agrees then the deal is sealed all i have to do is merge them and get the business done while i get my own $100 commission from both parties. However, you should know that the most important person in this deal is the buyer, since he is the one bringing the money.


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Worst Bedtime Habits you Should Stop Now

Large amount of people around the world suffer from insomnia. It affects their life in one way or the other and it is hard for treating.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

BIOSOCIAL Reasons Why people often give birth to female children than male children.

Why females are more than males health tips
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Hello people, there has been divergent opinions as to why we have more female children given birth to than male. This opinions varies ranging from the scientific (medical) point of view to the spiritual, natural, and even the philosophical standpoint. So i came up with little findings from people which categorically cover all these aspects of opinions and they are based on the following:
Why girls are naturally plenty

Naturally, its possible for a man to impregnate hundreds of women of not thousands. Well, i think this justifies the assumption that nature produces more female simply because a man capable of fertilizing as many is possible. This can also be seen in other animals take for example: we have more sheeps than ram, 3-4 out of every 5 lambs are females. The same thing is applicable to pig, lions, dogs, goats etc.

  However, there is a short coming regarding this point of view, and the flaw is that, there animals where more male offsprings are produced than females. Such examples are rabbits, hare, and tigers.

Scriptural deductions have proven that it spiritually that the world is meant to multiply in a geometric manner. Inferences such as GENESIS 1:28 "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it" explains why more women are born than men, because for the earth to be filled, a large number of women will be needed to carry the conception.
Why girls are more than men
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Other analogies like AN-NISA 2:3 "Marry those that please you of {other} women, two or three or four" this Quranic verse also emphasizes the statistical dominance of women and the need for the world to get filled.

Although all this analogies are of "divine nature" and one might not be able to comprehend or develop an empirical explanation from it, because the words of the scriptures are sacred, and sacred in this sense means that they are unquestionable.

This point of view might not be outrightly correct as it is rather logical than being empirical. Opinions from this angle are more liberal as it strikes an equilibrium between the birth of both males and females.
Why women are more than men
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This reasonable standpoint see the predominance of birth from a hereditary factor. And to a very good extent, i think this opinion is actually reasonable to agree with. Using myself as an example, my mum is from a family where 4 out of the 6 children are males while my dad is from a family where 3 out of the 5 children are males. In totally, there are 7 male children and 4 female children from both sides which justifies why my mum and dad gave birth to 4 male children and 1 female child. I hope this best explains the hereditary factor. And if you have any opinion to support or reject this plz kindly put your comments below.

This happens to be the most suitable of all reasons judging by the fact that it is testable and empirical. Conclusions from the medical point of view state that the female "xx" chromosomes have a longer life span than that of the male "XY" chromosomes.
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The male s+x sperm dies faster than the female one, hence most of the male sperms die faster before the egg is ready in the fallopian tube for fertilisation unlike the female determining sperm which can stay longer for fertilisation.

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Fascinating Tips To Grow Breast Size in a Month.

Most ladies always want to have a thick breast size so they can have that confidence as a woman, and look attractive with curvaceous shape which brings the woman in them.
How to increase your breast size quickly
Below are quick tips to use and grow your breast size from 0-100%.
You can grow your breast size following these steps:

Massage to boost Growth:

Most women rub some herbs and medicines sold in pharmaceuticals to increase their breast not knowing those products may cause stretch marks and other side effects.
Nevertheless, there are lots of benefits in massaging the breast, it releases prolactin, also prevents cancer and breast sagging. It is best you massage it with body cream or lotion.

Exercise to Grow your breast:

How to increase breast size fast

It is thought by some people that exercise makes you slim but it's not true, it makes you Stay fit and healthy likewise in the case of breast growing , it builds the tissues under the breast. Push Ups, dumb bell, wall sit are the best for this process.
Some ladies will complain of not able to do press Ups, you can go for dumbbells that is of normal weight so it won't strain your arm and and you are good to go.
In case you are not still comfortable with the afore mentioned then you can go for wall push which is almost same as push ups, only that it is done against the wall.


More Estrogen and Phytoestrogens are essential for the procedures to take place.
Estrogen is a female hormone which is responsible for timely monthly cycles, breast size and in general keeping women health. In case you have smaller breasts, you might want to increase your intake of estrogen as your body might not be producing enough of it naturally.

Phytoestrogen, on the other hand, comes to use when you have low levels of estrogen. Some foods that are rich in estrogen and phytoestrogen are lentils, chickpeas, lima beans, kidney beans, fenugreek seeds.
see from the below table
Health tips for big breast

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This Trick Is Used To Stop Underarm Sweat

The underarm or armpit is a hollow under the shoulder or arm, it is always hidden and warm, it accumulates heat and always wet during summer.
The best way to prevent this with the application of a mixture, sandalwood powder, sweat pads and deodorant.
This three stuff will prevent that embarrassing moments of armpit sweat and smell.

How to stop sweating in the ampit

white sandalwood powder is a common Ayurvedic ingredient which soaks extra moisture from the skin, keeping that area dry and healthy.
Application - add few spoons of white sandalwood powder , lemon juice and rose water to it. Mix well and make a thick paste . Apply it on the underarm area and wash it off with cold water. Apply enough layer of oil to prevent bad odour and not to accumulate sweat. Oils to use are germ oil,cypress oil, geranium oil, almond oil, tea tree oil will work perfectly on it.

Health tips to keep armpit dry

Sweat pad is a type of fabric weaved together to absorb sweat from the under arm, but the disadvantages of this product are, it can stop your underarm from sweating, it can't prevent odour, unlike the above mentioned procedure.
It's  pretty cool because it's disposable and easy to use.
You can find in any online store like amazon, Tripple clicks and the rest of them.


Deodorant is another way of preventing underarm sweat, for people who sweat alot. They can purchase it from any pharmaceutical stores or any online store.

Choosing The Right Material:

There are certain fabrics which exposes underarm sweat while some hide it


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How To Remove Unwanted Facial and Body Hairs With These 3 Recipes

How to naturally remove unwanted face and body hairs

Waxing seems to be the sure way of removing unwanted hairs, but there are various ways you can do that as well.
Below explained steps is on how to prepare a simple mixture of yogurt, turmeric powder and gram flour.
Most women visit the salon to do that but spare the time and do it yourself naturally.
All you need are:
  1. Turmeric powder(2 teaspoons).
  2. Gram flour(2 teaspoons)-Besan.
  3. Yogurt (2 teaspoons)
all in equal proportion.
Simply prepare the contents in a bowl and apply on the parts, allow to dry and stick together, then wash with warm water and you are done.
Your smooth skin is all left without hair on it.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Plastic Eating Moth Discovered By Scientists Which Can be Used To fight Pollution.

Recently a group of scientists have discovered a moth which can eat plastics and digest it.
We know how our drainage,beaches and lakes are filled with dirty waste plastics materials, which pile up and block drainage system and pollute the earth surface, the worst part is that plastics are non-biodegradable.
Plastic eating moth worms

Plastic eating insect

  Cambridge university and Spanish Research council have discovered a particular species of worm that is capable of digesting this plastics.

We produce more than a million tons of plastic every year, and unfortunately, a large quantity of that converts into waste rapidly.
 Oceans are contaminated with more than 260,000 tons of waste plastic.

With a breakthrough research at the Cambridge University and at the Spanish National Research Council.
Scientists have found that a particular species of Caterpillar larva can consume plastic.

Destroying plastics has been a constrained issue over time.

Plastic Eating Caterpillar can bring an End to the pollution on earth.

   . We produce more than a million tons of plastic every year, and unfortunately, a large quantity of that converts into waste rapidly and our Oceans are contaminated with more than 260,000 tons of waste plastic.

Lead Scientist Federica Bertocchini found that the larva of wax moths have a taste for more than that of Wax. In lab tests, 100 worms of the species Galleria Mellonella can chug up to 92 milligrams of plastic in just 12 hours. With this amazing appetite for plastic, this worms can put a good use to terminate the plastic pollution crisis.

Tests concluded that the worms are not just biting the plastic chunks into smaller pieces, but they are actually digesting it. While eating, they convert the chemical plastic into an Enzyme that helps them in digesting wax.

Paolo Bombelli, a biochemist at Cambridge who took part in the study, said the finding could lead to a solution to the plastic waste mounting up in waterways, oceans, and landfills. With further research, the scientists hope to identify the enzymes that the waxworms produces. The genes for these might then be put into bacteria, such as E coli, or into marine organisms called phytoplankton and used to degrade plastics in the wild.
Students can now inform their professors and lecturers to bring this into their vicinity to enhance much learning and discoveries.

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The most common yet overlooked way to achieve success faster


Being committed to big goals is hard.
Success tips how to be successful

When it comes to making the first step towards the desired destination, people often have hard time staying determined and consistent.

And it’s no wonder why...

Putting the hard work aside is the common facet of human’s nature.

We all are desperately bad at committing to the activities that require significant effort, time, and talent. We can hardly fight procrastination and get work done. We are more likely to settle  for less than doing something that’s far outside our comfort zone.

People are willing to achieve major wins. However, they appear to be nonchalant when it comes to taking action.

Ultimately, people rarely achieve the things they want to accomplish. Because, once again, committing ourselves to big goals is hard …

When the bottom line is not visible and the scope of the project is difficult to estimate, the desire to take action gradually diminishes. Meanwhile, the severe procrastination comes into play.

The bad news is that procrastination is impossible to avoid.

The good news is that you can experience a breakthrough and attain your goals faster if you adopt a new mindset.

Embrace the truth. You can achieve anything you place your mind on. The only obstacles on your way to success are your laziness, fear/doubts, and the lack of discipline. And last but not least is your propensity to put the things off.

Each time you postpone the beginning of the journey, you automatically postpone the arrival to the desired destination. No doubt, you might still arrive at it one day. However, it’s going to happen late. Put another way, by putting the realization of your dreams off for “someday”, you deliberately make the journey last longer.

In anyway, the secret to achieving your goals and enjoy the outcomes of your fruitful work faster is ridiculously simple: start now.

Simple, right?

However, this might not sound convincing enough. “Start now” it's not something that can break your habit of procrastinating and make you get going on the projects you’ve been putting off over the last few years.

This is true … until you go deeper and observe this rule from a different view.

Anything worth doing is going to be neither easy nor fast.

If you aim big, be ready to act big as well.

Every ambitious goal is going to take time. It will require sleepless nights, a number of attempts, and appalling failures. You’ll have to deal with frustration, critiques, and the strong desire to quit … You’ll have to put more effort and spend more time to take your accomplishments to the next level.

After all, it’s all about the hard work. And, it appears this is the only key to success.

There is no alternative for hard work, so stop looking for one.

However, the point is that your goals are not likely to become easier to achieve if you decide to get back to them later.

Don’t try to convince yourself that your ideas are going to become more feasible one day because the different factors that influence your success will likely become more favorable.

Stop looking for the perfect moment. The best time is now, instead make this moment perfect.

No one requires you to master the difficult skills and become a champion over night. You can take your time to gather the pace. You can take your time to approach the desired goals with the baby steps.

It’s okay to be slow. Slow is better than static.

After all, the only thing you should be concerned about is a consistent headway.

The slow progress is better than the no progress. 

No matter what goal you pursue, everything starts with the small step — the bold decision to start.

What is your number 1 goal today?

To start a business? To author a book? To lose 10 pounds? To learn a foreign language? To launch a Kickstarter campaign? To get your write-ups featured on Forbes? To run a mile in within 5 min?

It’s however all about your decision to start now. The earlier you start, the earlier you’ll arrive at the desired destination. The sooner you start the sooner you’ll enjoy the outcomes of your fruitful work.

However, if you don’t, very soon you’ll find yourself lamenting on the wasted time and missed opportunities.

A year from now you may wish you had started today — Karen Lamb

Analyze your huge goal into manageable chunks and plan a small consistent steps. Commit to 0.1% growth.

Begin now.

Show up every day.

Do one or two things that takes you closer to what you want to accomplish.

Learn one thing that improves your expertise in a certain field.

Improve a skill that matters most.

Overcome  issues that hold you back.

Take a step towards the right direction.

Be consistent.

Be determined.

Stay committed.

Keep up the pace.

One year from now you’ll be surprised how close you’ve managed to get to your goal or how fast you’ve managed to achieve it. 

By: Max lukominskyi. For those who do not know Max, he is the founder and CEO of Evopaper. Max is an eloquent motivator, an opportunist, an erudite, in fact he is a symbol of success because success isn't measured by money, but by the amount of people that have been inspired by you. 

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Remove wrinkles by doing this On Your Face Every Morning.

The best way to quench wrinkles,dark circles under the eyelids is by massaging your face with a metal spoon.
Most at times wrinkles and black circles makes us look old.
Black circles under the eyelids is due to insufficient sleep.
Health and beauty tips


  • Metal spoon
  • Warm oil(Marigold,flaxseed,sunflower, olive oil).
  • Alcohol
  • Cold water(preferably with ice cubes).


1.Remove your make-up and apply your regular moisturizer. Disinfect the metal spoon you are using with some alcohol and soak them in ice cold water.
2.Place cooled tablespoons on your upper eyelids. Hold them on for a few seconds. Once the tablespoons warm up, replace them with cold ones. Repeat the same treatment with your lower eyelids. This will help you reduce puffiness and dark circles.

3.Soak the tablespoons in some warm oil. Now you can start massaging your face. Apply some mild pressure and move the tablespoons along the following lines.
4.From the forehead, starting at the point between your eyebrows to the temples and hairline
 Do some circular motions on your eyelids; start from the inner corner and then back to the initial point
5.Follow the lines on your cheeks:
 A. from the nostrils to the temples
 B. From your chin to the temples
 C. From the base of your neck to the chin
 Massage every line for at least 10 times

 Add some more oil if the tablespoons do not glide properly. Massage your face for 10 minutes, but you may want to start off with 1-2 minutes and increase the duration of a minute every day. On day 10, your facial massage will last for 10 minutes.
You should see results after the very first massage, and your face will be wholly relaxed.

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